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Monday, 24 September 2007

Zim opposition caught between a rock and hard place

Monday 24 September 2007

By Justin Muponda

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s main opposition party last week carved out concessions from President Robert Mugabe in an effort to ensure free and fair elections in 2008 but could have trapped itself between a rock and a hard place in the process while the veteran leader solidifies his grip on power, analysts said.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) agreed to the ruling ZANU-PF party’s constitutional amendments it had initially vowed to fight, after the bill was watered down to clip Mugabe’s powers to appoint members of the lower house of parliament and limit presidential appointees in the upper senate to five.

The bill also merged presidential, parliamentary and council elections, a key opposition demand, and will see parliament sitting as an electoral college to elect a president if an incumbent failed to serve a full term.

There is growing speculation that Mugabe could use that provision to resolve the contentious succession puzzle in ZANU-PF by stepping down in future and anoint a loyalist who would be endorsed by parliament, long dominated by the ruling party.

But so far, there is no sign the veteran leader will leave office despite a collapsing economy and growing calls locally and abroad for him to quit. Instead, Mugabe, who at 83 years looks fit for his age, is consolidating power and seeking re-election for a five-year term in elections scheduled for 2008.

“This looks like capitulation by any word. The so-called concessions Mugabe has agreed to are clearly insignificant,” John Makumbe, senior political lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe said.

“In trying to get something out of these talks, the MDC has put itself into a tight corner on one hand and on the other it would seem Mugabe is actually consolidating power with the help of the MDC,” Makumbe said.

But the MDC says it is pursuing a parallel political process and has not abandoned its demand for a new constitution and the repealing of harsh press and security laws it says have hamstrung its capacity to organise politically.

A Southern African Development Community initiative requiring ZANU-PF and the MDC to negotiate a political settlement to end Zimbabwe’s crisis has seen the two parties meeting 20 times in Pretoria and Harare.

The two have agreed to discuss parameters for a new constitution, review of controversial media and security legislation and the issue of sanctions, which ZANU-PF blames for the economic crisis.

Critics say while Mugabe appeared to play ball for now, there are doubts the veteran leader would walk all the way to implement these key demands as this would mean negotiating himself out of power.

Analysts also say even if Mugabe and ZANU PF were to agree to the MDC demands for a new constitution and to scrap restrictive media and security laws, these were most likely to be implemented after the 2008 elections which the former guerrilla leader looks set to win under the prevailing political climate. Some sources in ZANU-PF say this could be Mugabe’s last election, given his old age.

The issue of political violence, gerrymandering and use of state machinery by ZANU-PF in elections are some key issues that remain unresolved ahead of the elections but critics say the opposition’s acquiescence could make it difficult to pull out of future elections on the basis of an uneven political field.

In addition, there is already a wide split between the MDC and its allies in the civic society movement over the latest constitutional amendment.

The National Constitutional Assembly – which is campaigning for a new constitution and a strong MDC ally – called the agreement on the constitutional bill a “treacherous act” while an official in the civic movement, likened it to “kissing a hungry hyena”.

“I can understand the feeling among our allies but this is not an end but the beginning of a long process initiated by SADC. We are going into this with our eyes wide open and fully cognisant of the political risks that lie ahead,” an MDC official said.

Mugabe has managed to hang on to power since 2000 when the MDC posed the most potent threat to sweep him from power.

But today the MDC is severely weakened by personality clashes and infighting over strategy to tackle Mugabe and a vicious government campaign on its structures.

Analysts said the opposition movement was headed for further split after angry allies slammed the MDC for acquiescing to ZANU-PF, bad news for supporters who are growing weary over a deepening recession that has left Zimbabwe burdened with the world’s highest inflation rate of over 6 600 percent, shortages of food, foreign currency and fuel and surging unemployment.

At the same time international pressure, which at best has been sporadic, has failed to move Mugabe whose assertion that Western sanctions are responsible for the crisis resonate with many supporters at home and Africans who still hail Mugabe as a liberation hero fighting white hegemony.

The veteran leader has outwitted rivals both in ZANU-PF and the MDC.

“They have been outthought in terms of strategy and vision,” Eldred Masunungure, a leading political commentator said.

“It has again showed in these talks because Mugabe has not lost much by agreeing to the constitutional changes. If anything it is na├»ve for the MDC to think they can make a deal with Mugabe,” he added.

The opposition, clearly looking out of sorts and depth on how to confront Mugabe, had little room to manoeuvre and would still have been unable to block the passing of the bill given ZANU-PF’s parliamentary majority, analysts said.

MDC allies are also weakening, showed by a failed job boycott called by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions last week to protest a government wage freeze and the deteriorating economy.

Civic group organisations have resorted to condemning Mugabe through the media or at best press conferences held in Western capitals, far away from where the political and economic crisis is unfolding.

Yet, there could still be hope for the opposition. Analysts say an organised MDC could pose a strong challenge to Mugabe at the polls, taking advantage of the discontent over the economic meltdown.

“I think this (economy) is one area where the government has no answers and obviously it’s a window for the opposition to exploit. It could be an ace in the sleeve depending with how it is used,” Masunungure said. - ZimOnline

Monday, 17 September 2007

The List

Fri, 14 Sep 2007 00:01:00


ZimDaily this week takes the 'Fair Deal' campaign on minister’s kids in the lands of the ‘Imperialists’ to a new level. Buoyed by the successes we have scored in Australia and the numerous enquiries we are receiving from the EU, UK, Canada, USA and Scotland we officially launch the ‘FAIR DEAL’ Campaign, under the banner “Send Mugabe's crooks kids back to their evil fathers”

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Disenfranchised Zimbabweans in the diaspora have limited options of tackling the regime. The government reaction to the recent deportations of Zanu PF brats by the Australian government clearly shows that they are rattled and shell shocked at the prospect of further deportations of their children from the diaspora.

If 8 deportations could cause the panic and pandemonium displayed by the government in arresting and charging MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the reported urgency to resolve the Constitutional impasse in Sadc mediated talks, imagine how much impact it would have if the estimated 300 Zanu-PF officials’ kids are all sent back.

We can only succeed with your help. This campaign is aimed at collecting primary data to be used by the host governments of the Zanu PF chefs’ children. The sentimental nature of the issue will arouse emotions that subscribers will be tempted to express. While those emotions are justified they will not help the host governments’ administrators track down the children to be deported.

For that reason therefore we seek only substantive data that will help the spoilt beneficiaries of our misery to be tracked down and sent back to their parents who are stealing to finance the luxury of their siblings in scarce forex while our children languish in a country without basic day to day survival needs.

We will therefore allow postings that disclose the Names of the children, their present educational institution, Country and Faculty of study, pictures and the position of their parents in the Zimbabwe Government if known.

There is some degree of urgency by some host governments to have the information availed to them so that they can process the deportations and or legal frameworks for the deportations to be effected.

Remember all these children are being financed by forex that the Zanu PF chefs have stolen from our fiscus and as a good citizen you have a duty to stop the bleeding of our county’s economy by these people who deny us our basic rights.

For example we have Pride Chigwedere, the son of the misinformed Education Minister Aneas Chigwedere, hiding in America, enjoying the western democracy and everything that comes with it while our brothers and sisters are tortured, maimed, starved and made to go through an appalling education system.

We appeal to anyone with information on these kids to either contact the editor, editor(at)zimdaily.com or post the details anonymously below. Western governments are eager to extend the sanctions to these Kids.

Our leaders should be accountable to us by knowing the extent of our power over them. HELP US TRACK ALL THE KIDS WHEREVER THEY ARE ENSCONSED.

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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. ZimDaily is not responsible for what they say. Please keep your comments short and sweet. Obscene, tribalistic, racist, vulgar comments will be deleted. Simple HTML is allowed for basic text editing.

Please note only names of Mugabe's officials kids studying in Western countries will be allowed. Anything else will be deleted. PLEASE DO NOT TELL US ABOUT THE MORALITY OF THE EXERCISE. WE KNOW ITS VERY VERY MORAL
Posted By Fair Deal Campaign Staff , USA : Sep 10 2007 12:14 PM
Thanks Zimdaily staff
My heartfelt thanks to all of you at Zimdaily. Have just read this relaunch. Am now going to collect data on Mai Mahofa's daughter here is England. She is at Uxbridge college, am just going for further details. Thanks so much. You love us all Zimbabweans are you love Zimbabwe. I love you too. Pkay
Posted By Pkay Zee , Slough, UK : Sep 10 2007 12:26 PM
Fair Deal South Africa
We welcome names of even those studying in South Africa. Please name them. We will submit their details to the SA authorities
Posted By Fair Deal Campaign Staff , UK : Sep 10 2007 12:52 PM
Fadzai Matongo
Fadzai Matongo daughter of Martin Matongo' who is the chief protocol in the Presidents' office is not the only person who has benefitted from the presidential scholarship through the back door. They is another Pretty Mushunje who is related to Chris Mushohwe the Director of the presidential scholarship. She completed a degree in business management in 2005 and was awarded the scholarship again to pursue a post diploma in accounting in 2006 in East London Campus. Fortunatley enough she failed last year and she is repeating the course using our tax monies, but it seems luck is with us as she has failed again and will be repeating the same course again next year.
Posted By Mutengesi , UK : Sep 10 2007 01:00 PM
Ijeoma Dabengwa
Dumiso Dabengwa's stepdaughter Ijeoma Dabengwa is living in London after being in the States for years then travelling home on a fake passport, then being arrested on return to the States, where she then spent some time in prison. After completing her sentence she was to be deported back to Zim but some strings were pulled and she was deported to the UK coz she claimed that she would be killed if she went back to Zim. CAN U BELIEVE THAT !!!!! Also there is thenjiwe Lesabe's son Nqo also living in London, who is busy kuyiswa kushure nevarungu.
Posted By Ngaaende , UK : Sep 10 2007 01:05 PM
tafadzwa mupfumi
there is a tafadzwa mupfumi here son of isau mupfumi zanu pf secretary for transport .he braggs about recieving us dollars every month from his father let them go nd learn at the africa university.tafadzwa is in malaysia
Posted By gorejena prince , malaysia : Sep 10 2007 01:07 PM
Audrey Kaukonde
sources inform me that there is a rascal whose name was not on the list of government officials children .One Audrey Fadzayi KAUKONDE...YES kana ka Kaukonde is at Deakin University at the Geelong campus in Victoria Australia.Please hatidi kusiya vanhu ...be efficient kwese kwamuri. Moderator pass this on
Posted By Kaukonde's Hure , Aussie : Sep 10 2007 01:07 PM
Tafadzwa and Chipo Moyo
July Moyo has two kids here in Australia vakasiiwa studying at the university of Newcastle, son Tafadzwa and daughter chipo. HAKUNA ANOSARA!
Posted By Fair Deal Supporter , Australia : Sep 10 2007 01:10 PM
nqobizitha and Nobukhosi Malinga
They live in the UK. They are son and daughter of Senator Joshua Malinga.
Posted By Tatenda , UK : Sep 10 2007 01:11 PM
I can't express the joy that I felt when I read about the deportations. Vakomana makagona. Ngavaende kunaana baba vavo. GWINYAI CHIGWEDERE you're next.
Posted By robert matibili , Indianapolis USA : Sep 10 2007 01:12 PM
Tsaurai and Tinaye Hove
Tsaurai and Tinaye Hove. Kids of Richard Hove. Richard Hove imbavha huru mu Cabinet ya Mugabe. Both are living in london. Tsaurai akarega ku deportwa ini ndodzekera zvangu kumusha. Mupfanha ane Mukanwa makaora kunge bhurugwa rechembere.
Posted By Chatunga , UK : Sep 10 2007 01:18 PM
Tsungai Mumbengegwi
Tsungai mwana wa Samere Mumbengegwi munodya naye ikoko London, isu tichitambura vuno. Samuel Mumbengegwi is the Finance Minister who failed to run tuckshops in Masvingo, ku Mucheke ne ku Rujeko. Tsungai is the same fat ugly bitch who appeared in a You Tube video dancing to some stupid rhumba in her father's office. Ngaadzoke kuno timumutise
Posted By Tsungai Ngaadzoke , Harare : Sep 10 2007 01:21 PM
Dee Gara
Dee Gara, daughter of Tony Gara is studying at the University of Western Australia, Perth. Nice beautiful kid but why not study in Harare?
Posted By Keith Lewins , Perth : Sep 10 2007 01:23 PM
Gore rino unodzokera chete
Gwinyai Chigwedere you're next, vafana majaira kuluma isu tichimama neshift
Posted By robert matibili , indianapolis USA : Sep 10 2007 01:24 PM
Prince and Princess Mushowe
Mushohwe's kids from first wife Prince and Princess are in Europe. Prince had a farm invaded on his behalf as well while he is in the west. Chris Mushowe, communications Minister is a former CIO boss. He has fresh blood on his hands. Prince na Princess vasati vadzokera ngavamamiswe first
Posted By Tariro , UK : Sep 10 2007 01:26 PM
Priscilla Jekecha
Priscilla Jekecha anogara ku Manchester mu UK. ihama yepedyo ya Bob. I dont know how the are related but they are very very close.
Posted By Priscilla Dzokera mhani , Manchester : Sep 10 2007 01:28 PM
Mundita Zvinavashe
Mundita Zvinavashe and her sister is in Indianapolis, Indiana. She brags she is the General's daughter and thus untouchable, does not work but is driving the latest X5 BMW. Also is spending taxpayer dollars smoking weed. Deport them!
Posted By Fair, Deal , Indianapolis, Indiana : Sep 10 2007 01:31 PM
The Chiyangwas
Posted By BigPhil , Pinnacle Properties, Harare : Sep 10 2007 01:32 PM
Shungu Sekeramai
Guys u shud see this bastard here in Brisbane Australia. Son to Sydney Sekeremayi. He blows tax payers money like hakuna 2morw with his girlfriend Sharon Rwatireri daughter to some Rwatireri guy whos is supposedly an mdc big shot. The bitch sleeps with anything and anyone. Shungu is also known as sexson as he is notorious with girls. Am not sure if Shungu was deported, will be very surprised if he was not. I now see this Rwatireri twat with some Monya these days
Posted By Shungu dze Bofu kurota richiona TV , Brisbane Australia : Sep 10 2007 01:36 PM
Viviam Mwashita's son went to study in Australia not queit sure about the college under a pseudo name about 3 months ago.
Posted By MR MAVHUKA P , MOZAMBIQUE : Sep 10 2007 01:37 PM
Chipo Sekeramayi
She is the other Sekeramayi in Canada. She was in NYC for a while. Asi aita dot com, she doesn't even have O'Levels. She actually received a deportation letter from the US. Vane vemaminister vanonyepa kuti vanemari, iri raive rombe. Everyone in NYC knew how broke she was, I'm sure it's the same kuCanada since asina any professional qualifications.
Posted By Tsitsi Choga , Canada : Sep 10 2007 01:38 PM
Kasukuwere's Daughter
mwana wa kasukuwere Changed her name to Vivian Nhachi ,she is in Canada.More details!
Posted By Vivian Nhachi , Canada : Sep 10 2007 01:40 PM
Ushewokunze's Kids
Ushehwokunze's kids are here in Sheffield and Scotland. One of the girls who used to campaign during the elections in Matebeleland is studying at Sheffield University under the name of Machingura.
Posted By Gaigusu , Sheffiled : Sep 10 2007 01:41 PM
Masimba Hungwe
Masimba Hungwe anogara 20 mins from pamba pangu.Anogara akatutwa nembanje,he does not work and barelyu attends classes...!rent,food,drinks, clubs, evry lil thing is financed from Zim by his parents!!him being almost deported for "no fees" shows haatombosevenze kuti ayedze kuzvibhadharira.anomirira mari yose kuti ibve kuZim,I HURE REMAKOKO muBurwood umu. IMBWA YEMUNHU!
Posted By ZIM DOWNUNDER , MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA , : Sep 10 2007 01:44 PM
Ambassador's Son
Musekiwa Mapuranga, the son of the Zim ambassador to the USA is living illegally in Washington D.C. with his dad. Get him
Posted By Johnso , Washington : Sep 10 2007 01:45 PM
Its bho Tariro
I'm planning something for Gwinyai Chigwedere, mfana akajaidzwa iyeye. Aripapi exactly mu Indiana mahure ekwa zvinavashe iwayo? Vanhuwe ngatibatsiranei!
Posted By robert matibili , Indianapolis USA : Sep 10 2007 01:45 PM
Ngavadzokere mhani
Editor what requests have you received from the various authorities you mention?Ngavadzorerwe mhani nekuchimbidzika.Ko vaSikhanyiso Ndlovu where are they?I understand he was imploring journalists not reveal their whereabouts recently at a the Press Club in Bulawayo.Does anyone of these journos know where this demented old man's brats are?
Posted By DR PFUNGWA , MUFIRM MANGU : Sep 10 2007 01:45 PM
Mduduzi Mathuthu
Mduduzi Mathuthu ndeweZANU leaving large in the UK nemari yaanopuhwa na Gono yekuba. Imbwa yemunhu. Marelatives ako anga ari muWomens League ye ZANU PF hence all the money. Give back our forex! Pasi neZANU
Posted By Jeff Madzingo , Birmingham : Sep 10 2007 01:48 PM
Mushohwe's kids
There is Prince in London (studied at Fort Hare under the scholarship scheme) Princess in Los Angeles (studied at Rhodes University under the scholarship scheme) Prayer in Canada Promise in Johannesburg where she works for the auditor generals office (also studies at Rhodes University under the scholarship scheme) I understand these kids are used as fronts to stash money out of Zim. At their age they still get pocket money from the old man
Posted By Shika Shika , Kumba : Sep 10 2007 01:49 PM
Sabina's Daughter
Sabina's daughter has a house in Greenwich, Connecticut, one of the richest surbarbs in the world.
Posted By Leo Mugabe , Uncle's House : Sep 10 2007 01:50 PM
Amanda Tawengwa aka Danai tawengwa
She had gone to zim, to attend the husbands rufu and shes back what do u mean muasylum seeker when shes been kumusha maface munhu ari mu Wolves so kutaura (wolverhampton) nemudhoni mucheche. Amanda mwana wa Solomon Tawengwa. Mbavha iyi yekuzviita exexutive mayor ndokuvaka imba ye US1 billion mu Harare. PLEASE BRITISH IMMIGRATION SMOKE HER OUT NDISATI NDAMUENDESA KU ZIMBABWE NEMBAMA
Posted By Gondo , Wolves : Sep 10 2007 01:56 PM
Aucious Chihuri
AUCIOUS CHIHURI is the name of Chihuri's daughter in texas. Chihuri ndiye wekuchema mwana wake paakdeportwa ku Australia. Aucious ngaadzokkere ndapota hangu. Akasadzokera dzokera ini
Posted By Tanaka , Dallas : Sep 10 2007 01:58 PM
Tendai Zvinavashe
Tendai daughter of Genaral Zvinavashe is in Toronto, Canada...Mwana anobhaudhisa kumaJama nemaface mabharanzi..anodyiwa mari yedu nemadinga mwana uyu
Posted By General Chiwenga , Harare : Sep 10 2007 02:00 PM
Chihuri's Brother
Posted By Ngaadzoke , Harare : Sep 10 2007 02:11 PM
Joseph Made's Son
Lorenzo-Che Made, Joseph Made's son is in the US. Will mail with more details.
Posted By Kanongoti Kushata , US : Sep 10 2007 02:16 PM
I went to school with rumbi.she had a bad attitude, thought she was untouchable just like all the other ZANU PF kids. manje nhasi mambumba! Rumbi is at: Marian College 3200 Cold Spring Road Indianapolis, IN 46222 School phone: 800-722-7264 It is time for the rest of us niggas who used to get beat up in the club by you PF kids cause you had the cops on yo back to shine. Y'all go home and support your faggot ass fathers who are killin people everyday. See ya and Harare international
Posted By SWIFT JUSTICE , IN : Sep 10 2007 02:22 PM
Tendai Nguni
Tendai Nguni is at The University of Brisbane. His home address is 281 Hawken Dr. St. Lucia Brisbane 4067 Queensland Australia Telephone: +61413799855 Email Address: the_hustler_is_now@hotmail.com Ngadzoke. Tendai is Sylvester Nguni son. Sylvester is the Agriculture Minister who accompanied Mutasa with to Chinhoyi to confirm the existence of pure diesel flowing from a rock. Am not sure if Tendai was deported. Will continue trying his number
Posted By Fuel Dealer , Chinhoyi : Sep 10 2007 02:26 PM
Natalie Nguni
Natalie Nguni is doing fashion and design at Northbrook College Sussex Littlehampton Road Worthing West Sussex BN12 6NU England T:01903 606060 She lives in Brighton and Hove
Posted By Natalie Nguni , Brighton : Sep 10 2007 02:31 PM
Shaiso Nyagumbo
Muzukuru wa Nyagumbo and is at Braford University (UK). Mai Vake ndiyo First Born ya Nyagumbo uyu wekuba ma Cressida na Sally Mugabe. Shaiso kanohura zvekuti huya uone. Hapana muzimba aripa Bradford University asina kupfuura nepo. Kanoda varume kunnge mai vacho vakarambwa neumwe Doctor ari ku Nottinghama. Mai ne Mwana zvese mahure. Mai va Shaiso ndi Senator we Zanu and she also works for the RBZ. Shaiso mother is a doctor..she has a PhD in something if not BITCHING
Posted By Tafadzwa , Bradford University : Sep 10 2007 02:46 PM
no title
chokwadi vanhu ngavadzokere kumusha kwavo kune huchi nemukaka. Vanodei kunyika dzevarungu ivo vabereki vakagarika. Dzokerai kumusha. Shiri arikupi.
Posted By kudzai machinga , london uk : Sep 10 2007 03:18 PM
Heather in Edinburgh
KaHeather tinako muno muEdinburgh Scotland. Kahama kepedo ka Grace Mugabe zvisina doubt. Ngakadzoke bradishiti. Kanoda kuvanda neMDC yedu. Imi Vana Matenga navamwe vose veMDC Scotland musatishatisa muchireverwa nhema nemhandu iyi. Mwana wenyoka inyoka
Posted By WEE EDINBORO , EDINBURGH : Sep 10 2007 03:32 PM
Heather ihama yaGrace ndiye anotenga achitumira Grace maoutfits sezvo Grace haachabvumigwi kutsika UK nyika yakanaka. Zvomene ngaabatwe batwe adzokere kundogara naGire wake tione.
Patrick Nyachowe
They is another Ptrick prince Farai Nyachowe based in Leeds who is a beneficial of the presidential scholarship. The guy ran away from Fort hare after he had an accident that cost the University millions of rands and he is on the wanted list. Nyachowe comes from Zvimba and he is related to Ignetious Chombo who has also assisted the Nyachowe family acquire a farm and a company from whites in year 2000. Mr Nyachowe is also a known CIO who participated in the land invansions and is a serial rapist and a basher with a string of criminal record. Probable he is studying towards a degree at Leeds University.
Posted By , : Sep 10 2007 04:16 PM
no title
If you have information look at editor@zimdaily.com
Posted By , : Sep 10 2007 04:28 PM
abigirl mumbengegwi
kahure karimuno muhatfield.kakauyiswa nabhudhi vako samere mumbengegwi.tibatsirei kadzokere kuna bhudhi kurujeko masvingo
Posted By abigirl mumbengegwi , hatfield,uk : Sep 10 2007 05:01 PM
will also look for her details.i met her kuliverpool.anodada nemabrothers ake mbavha huru muhurumende yaMatibili
Posted By josaya hungwe , chivi,zimbabwe : Sep 10 2007 05:11 PM
Chengetai Chinamasa
Son of Mhata Minister Chinamasa Chengetai Chinamasa is in Worcester, MA...dats massachusetts. Ku America. Im sure his older brother and older sister are in the same area as well.
Posted By time to go home , time to go home : Sep 10 2007 05:29 PM
son of Sikanyiso Ndlovu
the son of the Min Information in Rubbish Akeem Ndlovu is in the USA. HE RECENTLY WAS IN ZIM FOR THE MEMORIAL SERVICE OF HIS LATE BROTHER.
Posted By SOLO , GUTU, ZIM : Sep 10 2007 05:37 PM
More on PRIDE CHIGWEDERE, son of Anus Chigwedere
There is no evidence that PRIDE CHIGWEDERE ever left the US after completing his PhD in the Medical Sciences at Harvard University. He completed the undergrad program in medicine in 1997 at UZ. His father, Zim Education Minister Anus Chigwedere, is very proud of him. A few months ago, even ZANU PF was bragging about how Pride proved to all people at Harvard that Zim education is superior because it produced Pride. I am not sure of where he is exactly but we need to take him down with a hard tackle. To Pride I say go and work at Hwedza Hospital in your father's political constituency so you know what it means for us who are suffering here.
Posted By Dr. AB Z. , Somewhere in Hwedza : Sep 10 2007 05:49 PM
The Senator has three daughters living in Brighton.
Posted By CHENJERAI MUNODAWAFA , London.United Kingdom : Sep 10 2007 05:52 PM
Emelda Ushewokunze
EMELDA USHEWOKUNZE SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE SO18 1HP. Mwana wa either Chris or Herbert Ushewokunze. Arimuno mu Southampton. UK
Posted By Herbert , Sothampton : Sep 10 2007 06:10 PM
Posted By Herbert , Southampton : Sep 10 2007 06:11 PM
Posted By Herbert , Southampton : Sep 10 2007 06:13 PM
MUTSA USHEWOKUNZE SOUTHAMPTON SO18 1HP. Kambavha kamwe karimuno mu Southampton. Addess ne Postcode izvo. Kanogara na Emelda. Tumahure twevana. Ngatudzokere
Posted By Herbert , Southampton : Sep 10 2007 06:15 PM
CHARLES NKULULEKO MSIPA and MERCY TSITISI MSIPA WALSALL WEST MIDLANDS WS8 6EH. These idiots ran a company called Angwa Associates which duped innocent Zimbabweans in the UK a lot of Money. They were contracted by Gono to sell dubious stands. Ngavadzokere. Vana va Chief Presidential Secretary Charles Msipa. MBAVHA YEMAKOKO
Posted By Mutengesi , UK : Sep 10 2007 06:18 PM
Chenai Chigwedere
CHENAI CHIGWEDERE ERITH KENT DA8 2PU. Dr Aneas Chigwedere's daughter. Another stupid bitch in KENT. Ngakadzokere
Posted By Mutengesi , UK : Sep 10 2007 06:23 PM
Dumisani Papaya the C.I.O in Leicester UK
There is Dumisani Papaya here in Leicester, United kingdom. The guy used to be in the president's office and knows everything. He works hand in hand with an MDC man called Peter Ganya who is the mdc chairman in leicester. these two CIOs, i understand compile monthly reports and data on mdc activities and activists which is then sent to CIO central office in Zimbabwe. Dumisani is so influential to the extent that he now holds positions at his church (SDA) and other National church bodies and uses these positions to defend the Zanu pf Government and Mugabe. It has become very difficult here in the uk to mobilise churches to condemn Mugabe because in their ranks they have been infiltrated
Posted By george gwindi , Leicester, United Kingdom : Sep 10 2007 07:16 PM
Carol here in london hokoyo nezanu yako iyoyo,
Posted By Dzokera kuna Saviour , UK : Sep 10 2007 07:37 PM
Mwana weimwe mhata inonzi KUMBIRAI KANGAI.Ari nechekuHertfordshire.Will keep u posted
Posted By Jonso , uk : Sep 10 2007 07:44 PM
Rudo Chigudu
I will find out about a spoit bitch called Rudo Chigudu, she was in Birmingham now in London, daughter of Tinaye Chigudu the Manicaland Governor. She also has a brother and a lawyer sister in London. Go back to your Governor father, murukudei you hypocrites
Posted By Gushungo , Uk : Sep 10 2007 09:32 PM
Brigadier Makova's Daughtor
Chisidudya cha Brigadier Makova(MP BIKITA) chiri pa Lincoln University, Christcchurch, New Zealand.
Posted By Wenhamo , New Zealand : Sep 10 2007 10:06 PM
Mwana waGoche ari Melbourne akasara sei? Make it an Issue ngainde Goche MuCI0 Ndiye anotuma vaurayi
Posted By Mudzungairi WeShambochena , Zimbabwe : Sep 11 2007 12:20 AM
Mwana WaGoche ari Melbourne campainai arove pasi Akasarirei Goche MuCIO anotuma vavurayi
Posted By Weshambochena , : Sep 11 2007 12:24 AM
kangai son michigan
mwana wa kangai michigan
Posted By jonathan moyo , harare zimbabwe : Sep 11 2007 12:38 AM
Kasukuwere's daughter?
Vivian Nhachi used to be a visit Zimdaily a lot using the pseudonym "Babyphat". She should be deported, jasukuwere is a killer
Posted By Vivian Nhachi , Iowa, USA : Sep 11 2007 12:21 PM
Chelsy Davy
Chelsy Davy, whose father is a Mugabe financial backer, is starting a course at Leeds University this week. She should be sent back!
Posted By Exodus SendThemBack , UK : Sep 11 2007 12:21 PM
Muchemwa's son in UK
Mwana wa Brigadier Muchemwa is defending the policies dzaMugabe in the name of an everlasting ZANU PF.He hasto be deported ASAP coz these are people who are bennefiting from Zim forex. His mum is always in UK vachiwana mari ye Zimbabwe in pounds kuti vaite shopping kuno.Why they should get stopped.
Posted By Farai Dhula , Stevenage,UK : Sep 11 2007 12:25 PM
Reason Wafawarova
Macquarie University. Border Gezi trainer. Killed a lot of MDC activists in conjuction with Kitsiyatota and others. Very deadly person. Always writes for the Herald.
Posted By Pasipanodya Mukono , Kabul Afghanistan : Sep 11 2007 12:54 PM
Noble Chigwedere.....Well not so Noble like his father. The ugly gibbon lives in Wolverhampton & recently bought property using Zim tax payers' money. He's got an opinionated, arrogant, stupid & ignorant like the father. I will get their addresses and shop them to this board this board. Mahofa's ugly shapeless girl is in London. That one has got to go & help the mother to service the ministers.
Posted By Sgt Dzokerai Kumba , Wolves : Sep 11 2007 12:56 PM
Munangagwa mhata yemhutu
Mwana wemhata iyi was at South Bank University about four years ago. Kudzai Munangagwa mwana werimwe remahure aMunangagwa ngaridzokere kumusha. Why should these bustards waste our resources starshing forex in their children's accounts. Ngaatsvagwe kwaari. She must go back go and enjoy paradise with her father (KWEKWE). She must be in the UK somewhere.
Posted By Teurai ropa , : Sep 11 2007 03:26 PM
Philip Chabata
Pane anozivawo here murume anonzi Philip Chabata kuCOSA ainzi Cuthbeth Chabata? He is somewhere in Texas state with his family. His wife is called Tariro daughter of the late Rev. Muchechetere. He worked at COSA College as an administrator when half of the time he was not in his office or building but his car would be parked outside. Taitamba naye bhora kuPrinces Fields across from Wilkins Hospital. Takazonzwa pava paya muFinancial Gazette kuti real name is Philip and was awarded a scholarship naPresident. It also went on to say that he worked in the President's Office achidya navo. Phidza muCIO aityaira a yellow Nissan Sunny vhuzhi dzanaCharlie those days. Akaoma musoro plus hadzisi nharo idzodzo kuzoti vesafarira mangezi.
Posted By Ngavadzoke Kumusha , kuno kuAmerica. : Sep 11 2007 03:38 PM
Esther Goche
Esther, daughter to Nicholas Goche, is studying at LaTrobe Uni in Australia. She's always spending money like a mad person, she needs to go back kumusha!!
Posted By ndini mutumwa , melbourne : Sep 11 2007 03:38 PM
Pelonsic Chihuri
The daughter of Chief Police Commissioner Ari kuTexas, Pelo dzokera kumba shamwari. Haana kupedza chikoro futi, muillegal
Posted By Pelo, Chihuri , Dallas, Texas : Sep 11 2007 03:44 PM
brother ya Grace Marufu and his family live in Longview, Texas. They dont work yet they are driving the latest cars and attend college for free
Posted By marufu , south africa : Sep 11 2007 06:57 PM
Tinayo Kangai
Tinayo i off spring yembava inonzi Kumbirayi ne hure rechipiri riri muLondon. Mupfana uyu anenge akakwidzwa mu bhazi uye anogara ku Michigan, (USA). Ndichanyatsoferefeta kuna Muchaneta uyo anongohumana kana adzima nedoro.
Posted By Silent Assassin , J'burg, RSA : Sep 11 2007 06:58 PM
Tinotenda and Chengetai Chinamas are in Worcester, Massachusetts, they attend Worcester State College if im not mistaken.Ndichanyatso tsvaga the address tutsvina twevanhu
Posted By hapana nyaya , UK : Sep 11 2007 07:04 PM
The Zim ambassador to the US has a son, Musekiwa whom he's living with in DC. Musekiwa and his two wives are illegal immigrants, one of the wives is in Philly and other one lives with him. Mapuranga and his kids ngavadzokere, mhata dzevanhu!
Posted By Tsitsi Bimha , Washington DC, USA : Sep 11 2007 07:20 PM
Muchaza Mugabe kuno!
Kuno kunaMuchaza Matibili, daughter of Albert Matibili, younger brother(wekwaMainini vekuBulawayo) of you know who? Chdhakwa chikuru uye anogara achirapwa panzvimbo dzinorapwa vanotambura nezvinodhaka. I am still doing further investigations but a friend says she lives in Cambidge, Mass.
Posted By Mhanduwe , : Sep 11 2007 07:30 PM
Moses Chingwena's kids in Australia
Moses Chingwena owner weCroco motors,top muface waAugustine Chihuri.Madhoni ake tinawo muno Australia
Posted By jende , Adelaide,Australia : Sep 11 2007 07:31 PM
uyu mwana wa chombo from his first wife,ngaadzoke kumusha,he is in TEXAS U.S.A ,also his young brother is also in texas with him,the young brother is from Chombo's current wife,ngavadzoke.enock is studying at a university
Posted By SHOWGROUNDS CASINO, , HARARE : Sep 11 2007 08:31 PM
pane vana vaMujuru vaakaita nekadzi yechipiri varimuno mu LONDON vanogara nemai yacho inonzi Simbiso asi ivo vanotoshandisa surname yaMujuru vachipinda svondo yaDeya .ngavapinde munzira
Posted By kumusha , sa : Sep 11 2007 09:39 PM
tendai nguni or TRS Nguni
the above resides at 241 sir fred schonell drive, st lucia,brisbane 4067,queensland ,australia - the area is the dormitory suburb for the university of queensland - the tel no is - within australia 07-3371 7228 and from outside australia - + 61 7 3371 7228 - well done zimdaily keep up the pressure
Posted By roger boka , chinoyi zimbabwe : Sep 12 2007 12:40 AM
THE GAL LIVES IN THE UK. SHE SHUD GO BACK AND LEAVE WITH THE IDIOT GENERAL AND HIS UGLY WIFE. dnt give us excuses that wat if i support mdc??? cz u live on zanu money.mugabe must be deported to go to malawi wer yo father cumz 4rm.dnt tell us nt to leave the country wen yo own gang memberz have kidz in the west. dnt say chiefz"galz shud nt wear guv out" yo wife ihure remakoko . aurayisa to many people pamire and the like. charity beginz at home old gangster. we hate u. u are a liar cz u let kangai and the hippo take cash 4rm noczim and gmb then had a corrupt land reform. that wasnt blair it was u. luk at red lips leo has done to football. leo is 25 % zimbabwean , 50 % musena and quarter nyasaland cz yo father was a munyasarandi. dnt hide it old man. we nt foolz. go away to malawi nt zvimba. u shud also be saddam part 2. u will die sner or later cz u very old.WE HATE U
Posted By MUGABEZ CHILD , UK : Sep 12 2007 01:34 AM
tawanda,pepukai gumbo
Tawanda Gumbo...is a well known CIO operative based in perth,his brother Pepukai is studying in perth.
Posted By mugabe matibili , perth.australia : Sep 12 2007 01:50 AM
Mangwiza Chigwedere
Mangwiza Chigwedere ari muUK imomo.
Posted By Dhororo Tsviyo , Harare : Sep 12 2007 09:15 AM
mangwiza chigwedere
mangwiza chigwedere mwana waEnias chigwedere, somewhere in luton. mboko iyoyi ngaidzokere ino rima maprazi aka invadwa nanababa
Posted By dhabhu dhabhu , bangkok : Sep 12 2007 11:03 AM
Elliot Manyika's 4 Kids
Posted By Nhora , UK : Sep 12 2007 11:13 AM
David Karimanzira's daughter
EDNA KARIMANZIRA ALDERSHOT SURREY GU11 3EJ. Ngaadzokere baba vake i mhondi
Posted By Divha , UK : Sep 12 2007 11:15 AM
Gideon Gono's Relatives being used by the Governor to steal our money
Posted By Herbert Murerwa , Harare : Sep 12 2007 11:19 AM
Dumiso Dabengwa Son in London
BIGGIE JOHNSON DABENGWA LONDON NW2 2AX. Baba vake tried to buy Chiyangwa's company worth US$80 Million using our money. Ngaadzokere
Posted By Jonathan Moyo , Tsholotsho : Sep 12 2007 11:23 AM
Dr Tichaona Mangwende
Dr Tichana Mangwende PhD molecular biology vaari pano pa University of Cape Town semu Postdoctoral research student. Mwana wa Chief Mangwende President we Chief's council. Vanogara muparliament vachipanana matractors, farms motokari, mari etc Vakadzidzisiwa nemari yemataxpayers. Dr Mangende vakadeportewa kubva kuUSA varova munhumubhawa. Munhu ari right zvake but ngaanoita chief sababa vake
Posted By DK , UCT, South Africa : Sep 12 2007 12:27 PM
e goche
e goche - 1251 plenty road,bundoora,melbourne 3083 and tel no 03 9467 9623 from within australia & from outside +61 3 9467 9623 - la trobe university is within walking distance to this address
Posted By shylock holmes , chinoyi zimbabwe : Sep 12 2007 12:47 PM
Nqo lesabe & Mpho Ncube
Thenjiwe Lesabe's son and grandson respectively.Will provide address.
Posted By Last Out , London UK : Sep 12 2007 03:16 PM
Kunda Chetsanga
Son to prominent Zanu Scientist and educationist Christopher Chetsanga. He must be located in US or Canada, not exactly sure of the location.
Posted By , : Sep 12 2007 03:28 PM
price gono ari muno mu usa mwana we small hse. ari kupomboresa zvakapetwa. ngadzokere kuzim please.
Posted By James Matibiri , usa : Sep 12 2007 03:35 PM
Elliot Manyika
Has two daughters residing in the UK and yet he castigates the West and its allies.
Posted By Chidembo Chasura , United Kingdom : Sep 12 2007 04:15 PM
Elliot Manyka's Daugthers
Posted By Mutengesi , UK : Sep 12 2007 04:43 PM
Nimrod na Enoch Chombo ngavanorima . Inga wani mapurazi takatora
Posted By Murimisi , Texas USA : Sep 12 2007 04:45 PM
Webster Shamu's Kids
Webster Shamu's kids live in the lap of luxury in Texas. Send them back. The mother travels to the US all the time under her maiden name - first name is Constance. Wants to avoid the travel ban. Report them all.
Posted By Sellout , Texas : Sep 12 2007 11:38 PM
no title
Iye Lloyd Msipa haasi mwana waCephas here??
Posted By , : Sep 13 2007 02:43 AM
t kaukonde
t kaukonde(not a or af ) resides at 127 south valley road,highton,3216,melbourne victoria australia & cell no from inside australia - 0408 580 150 & from outside australia - + 61 408 580 150Posted By shaky makoni , kariba zimbabwe : Sep 13 2007 03:45 AM
r wafawarova
r wafawarova - 16 elizabeth street,granville,2142, sydney,new south wales,australia - lives near granville college or tafe or university - tel no inside australia -02- 9897 2903 & from outside australia - + 61 2 9897 2903 - keep up the good work zimdaily - there are many good friends of zimbabwe worldwide & together we will help you until this scourge of zanupf is finally defeated
Posted By walter makoni , dar es salaam tanzania : Sep 13 2007 04:04 AM
Pazvakavambwa's daughter in Australia
She has a daughter there, I forgot the name but look at what his dad has done to our country and if possible please contact Australian Immigration and get details. Surely Mr Editor, failing to get this information and this girl back to Zim is a disgrace. His father looted GMB that is why we are suffering. He worked briefly at the President's Office and was dismissed. Pazvakavambwa suspended Muvuti on August 28 2006, two days after his arrest on allegations of defrauding the parastatal of close to $1 million. "Following your appearance in court on allegations of defrauding the Grain Marketing Board (GMB). Permanent secretary in Zimbabwe's land ministry Simon Pazvakavambwa was arrested on charges of theft and vandalism of farm equipment on already commandeered farms "running into billions of dollars", state radio said on Monday. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=68&art_id=vn20041221082757888C184479 RRIGATION equipment worth millions of dollars and other farming implements are lying idle on Lynton Farm Plot 15 near Marondera while workers on the plot allege that they have not been paid since May. The A2 plot measuring over 200 hectares belongs to the Secretary for Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement, Mr Simon Pazvakavambwa. http://allafrica.com/stories/200408020056.html Agriculture secretary fired over fertiliser deal Simon Pazvakavambwa, the man who famously bragged last week that he would ‘spill the beans’ if he is fired from his job, has now developed cold feet. Pazvakavambwa was fired Wednesday over the high profile botched deal involving sub-standard fertiliser from South Africa . When contacted by Newsreel he said; ‘I’m not in a position to give a comment now. Lets give it a few more days.’ Pazvakavambwa was embroiled in dodgy deal that turned out to be a political hot potato which saw the government import 80 000 tonnes of sub-standard fertilizer from South Africa. He headed a team of experts who went to South Africa to inspect and certify the sub-standard fertilizer before it was cleared for importation. http://www.swradioafrica.com/news301106/fertilizer301106.htm
Posted By Pazvakavambwa's Hure , Auckland : Sep 13 2007 05:31 AM
Posted By MTWAKAZI , STRATFORD UK : Sep 13 2007 06:02 AM
Tafadzwa Mamire
There is also a Tafadzwa "Nyashanu" Mamire, son of Mike "Nyashanu" Mamire from Chikomba Chivhu. He was doing a Business Studies Degree sometime in the UK. Akaendeswa nemari yeminda nemapurazi akaitwa grab with his father through assistance yaRex Nhongo. The father akaba and achiri kuba mari from the Chikomba District Council as he is the Chairman. The dad also has multiple farms in Chikomba, another one registered in TAFADZWA MAMIRE'S name
Posted By Muchasura , Leeds : Sep 13 2007 09:01 AM
Paddington Zhanda-ZANUPF Chairman wekuMashonaland east
Nhai munoziva kuti vana vaZhanda varinechekupi ku diaspora ikoko? Ndakanzwa kuti knue 2 varikuAustralia neumwe ku America.Editor pliz clarify this.Murume uyu akarovesa vanhu ve MDC vakawanda stereki,akatora mafarm futi
Posted By C10 , Statehouse : Sep 13 2007 09:28 AM
Dofo remusikana raMau-Mau owns a house near/in Middlesbrough , NE UK.Harin zvarinoziva asi rava nemakore , more details to follow.
Posted By Pius Ncube , Byo, Zw : Sep 13 2007 09:50 AM
Shaiso Mahere - Bradford University
Shaiso Mahere is at Bradford University (UK) Daughter to Zanu-PF stupid senator Sheila Mahere. Sheila Mahere is Maurice Nyagumbo's daughter. Shaiso kanohura pa Bradford University...kachazadza vana HIV. Ngakadzokere
Posted By Tafadzwa , Bradford University : Sep 13 2007 09:51 AM
vana va kangai vakatowanda variko ku china akangwara. havadzingwe havo, busy kuno puwa ma bribe ekutengesa iro ivhu rakarwirwa nana baba zve.
Posted By mutengesi , Harare Zimbabwe : Sep 13 2007 12:32 PM
Gregory Aphiri son of the Late Masvingo Mayor
Greg Aphiri the son of Francis Aphiri the former Masvingo Mayor is in Walsall. It is understood that Grey was granted an indefinite leave to remain in the UK after making the Home Office beleive that he was an MDC activist. But wherever he drinks in the pubs around walsall, he always praises Mugabe and even castigate the West, calling them evils. Here is Greg's work address ACSERG, Holden House, 2nd Floor, 37-38 Didbeth, Walsall WS1 1RY. Tel; 01922616219, Fax 01922629947. email acserguk@yahoo.co.uk
Posted By Nyathi the graet Traitor , Nyadzonia : Sep 13 2007 02:30 PM
Grace Mugabe's Sister
Farai Mashonganyika, Grace's sister's daughter who was raised by Grace Mugabe is in Pennsylvannia. She is a nurse at the Chester County Hospital and actually opened a store in Pennsylvannia with the help of Grace. Come on Pennsylvannia people why has no ona said anything. i heard she travels to Thailand to meet Grace when Grace goes over there
Posted By Mutengesi , USA : Sep 13 2007 03:14 PM
Llold Msipa
In did Lloyd Msipa is Cephas Msipa's son. He has got his young brother who lives in Walsall (UK) called Leister Msipa. IF you ask Greg he will tell you more about Leister and if you ask Leister he will also tell you more about Greg. Its all Zanupf in Walsall and its becoming a mini Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe.
Posted By Nyathi the great Traitor , Nyadzonia : Sep 13 2007 03:23 PM
Young sister to propaganda hure used to bein Newvastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Anyone with details mwana adzokere anoona sisi pa Dead BC ( ZBC- Zvino Bhowa Chete).
Posted By Reuben Baaaaaaaarwe , Haaaaarare, Ziiiiiiiimbabwe. : Sep 13 2007 03:24 PM
He is a DR somewhere in the UK, great bloke who can kNOCK some sense into SAMUEL MBENGEGWIS brain
Posted By shoko munochemhei , gwabalanda kwamaranda : Sep 13 2007 03:58 PM
Dr Davies Mumbengegwi
Dr Davies Mumbengegwi PhD in Biological Sciences is still in America. He is the son of the Minister of Finance Dr Samuel Mumbengegwi PhD Education curriculumn development. His uncle is ex Ambassador to the UK and currently minister of Foreign affair Dr Simbarashe Mumbengegwi PhD in History. He should be sent back home with immediate effect because there is a ready job for him at the University of Zimbabwe. We mentioned this in April but to no avail. Davies is also screwing around every beach he meets here in America. Davies go back home.
Posted By Dr Alphonce Mabika , University of Madison Winsconcin, USA : Sep 13 2007 04:01 PM
Tafadzwa in Chadwell health always boast that his father a zanu pf official gave him a farm .He should go back and use that farm
Posted By Bvanyangu , Birmingham : Sep 13 2007 06:12 PM
vazukuru vadidmus mutasa
vazukuru vadidmus mutasa are somewhere in the diaspora; please could someone avail the details, they are studying using taxpayer's funds thru sekuru vavo, ngavadzoke kumusha;
Posted By , : Sep 13 2007 06:24 PM
Zimbabwe Association in Western Australia -Perth
A group of CIOs including the notorious Tawanda Gumbo and so called Pastor Tedius Mawoko all based in Perth have influenced the formation of this association.To our suprise a list of members names was sighted at the CIO headquarters in Harare. Reliable sources say the CIO there are now checking the members parents'political affiliations. I urge fellow Zimbabweans to be careful.Its constitution is inline with Mawoko's family church (business)in Perth. Thamsanqa who is Mnangagwa's son who is at Curtin Unirvesity also pretends to worship. Pepukai and Tawanda Gumbo-who are Rugare Gumbo's sons goes for cover up.
Posted By Tonderai Ndezvipi , Perth : Sep 14 2007 11:48 AM
Vincent Kwenda
It seems like everyone is quiet about one Vincent, he is a wellknown Zanu-pf guys He is in Wolverhampton,Uk Kwenda was a director in the president's office. The announcement was made by Vincent Kwenda -- Zimbabwe's new "director of land acquisition" in the office of the president.said one of the news online.
Posted By Angry man , wolverhampton,uk : Sep 14 2007 12:21 PM
Mwana Wa Grace
Zimdaily people, You have to make it much easier than this to post info on the chef's kids. Heres one that i'm surprised nobody has posted. Farai Mashonganyika, Grace's sister's daughter who was raised by Grace Mugabe is in Pennsylvannia. She is a nurse at the Chester County Hospital and actually opened a store in Pennsylvannia with the help of Grace. Come on Pennsylvannia people why has no ona said anything. i heard she travels to Thailand to meet Grace when Grace goes over there
Posted By Cha Chimurenga , : Sep 14 2007 01:46 PM
Rudo, Tafadzwa and Tonderai Chigudu
Kids of Tinaye Chigs; Tonderai is in Didcot, United Kingdom. Don't know about the other two though.
Posted By Chinotimba Jose , Lanso : Sep 14 2007 04:32 PM
Dr Mercy Nyepudzai Nyangulu
Her kids are here in the UK,kamwe kacho kakanga kachidzidza paLeicester Uni kachiita medicine. Kamwe kacho kachirikudzidza ndofunga kava kutopedza manje. Uyo mukomana wacho akanga achidzidza ipapo futi asi anange akaregedza nekuda doro zvakaipa. Dr Nyanagulu kaya kekushanda na Richard Hove kuPresident's Office, kachishaina moto nekupihwa minda namadman Robert Matibili Mugabe, kaamai aka kari rough zvakaipa, kakadevelopa mahousing stands pafarm rakapihwa kakaatengesera vari kudiaspora kachivabira mari dzavo zvakaipa. vana vacho vanofanira kudzoka chete. lawyer raminister Nhema riya rokumurwira kuti nyaya yake yekuparadza bhangi reZBS ishaye basa, ndichoka chikwata chamatsotsi emuzimbabawe yamadman Robert Matibili Mugabe. musakanganwe kuti law firm inonzi Nyangulu & Associates ndeye vanhu veZanu, saka vana vacho ngavadzoke chopu chopu before December vano huggana naChinos.
Posted By TEMBA NKOSI , LEEDS, UK : Sep 14 2007 07:09 PM
Vana ngavadzokere kumusha
Good job ZimDaily. Wafawarova akatiza kuMelborne and his is now in Darwin, Australia. Please hunt him down.
Posted By WeGanda Hwenje , Gold Coast, Australia : Sep 15 2007 06:18 AM
Amana, takukwara kuno kumusha neMafesi amuri kudzosera.. The guys are now driving maBenz kumba, GAVAGARE IKOKO KUNZE KWE-ZIMBABWE.. hatichisina fuel.. ezvino nyama handichadye while they are getting it all.. Zviri nani vakagara kunze ikoko, tingakwanise kuwana maProducts mumaShops
Posted By NYAMA_LESS Zimbabwean , Glen Norah, Harare, Zimbabwe : Sep 15 2007 02:41 PM
There is this very cool guy anonzi Phillip Arumero who used to go out nemwana waVice President when he came kuno ku Uk. l hear that he raised a storm with the Home Office when he split with her and ended up causing her deportation for lack of proper papers. But now l hear that she is back! Uripi nhai firipi utidzingire ny'any'a iyi?
Posted By millicent , luton, uk : Sep 15 2007 02:57 PM
Muzukuru waMsika
Marylyn Msika is in Califonia, last heard was at John Muir High School Pasadena, California CA, and Joseph Msika Junior is USA, these are Vice President Joseph Msika grandchildren, talk about his children they are all over USA and UK, anyone with enuf info. please post it.
Posted By Ini , USA,Califonia : Sep 15 2007 07:34 PM
Umta kaGeorge Mlilo
Use Canada, Alberta. Kahambe
Posted By Sindiso Mlili , Canada : Sep 15 2007 08:19 PM
Rutendo,Nyasha naMarcia Chirawu
Mahure emakoko iwayo. Vanozvitutumadza vachizviti vazukuru vaChen Chimutingwende imwe big mbava ye ZANU. Tinavo muno muUK. Ngavadzokere kuZim. vandodya mkari dzekuba kwete kutsotsa varume muno
Posted By Chiororo Zodwa , Reading : Sep 15 2007 08:19 PM
Pane mhuka inozviti Jongwe a.k.a. ZANU (PF) ngaadzingwe muno muZimbabwe. Mhuka iyi inowanikwa pacorner paSamora Machel naRotten Row muno muHarare. Ndipo payaisa headquarter yayo kutodzika midzi isu tisasiide. Pane anoziva kuti toindesa kupi mhuka iyi yatiparadzira nyika.
Posted By Ndaneta Nazvo , Harare, Zimbabwe : Sep 16 2007 04:35 AM
reliable sources have confirmed that the notorious CIO Tawanda Gumbo is indeed Rugare Gumbo son together his brother pepukai and unknown brother who is yet to be identified.We have already sent their details to the Australian foreign affairs office and they have already confirmed their investigations of which we are very pleased with.The goche brothers are perth and one daughter who is a nurse is also on the reported names.
Posted By Nyikadzino ,Sydney , Aussy Sydney : Sep 16 2007 08:46 AM
Reason Wafawarova
Editor needs to act promptly now that we have Reason's address.He should be sent home in no time.
Posted By Pagerwamarondaanomera. , Belfast,Uk : Sep 16 2007 11:56 AM
David Parirenyatwa's Son
David Parirenyatwa's son in Melbourne, he is using his mother surname, his name is Jeffrey Takura Masuta, his mother is Choice Masuta the wife of Dr David Parirenytwa (Minister of Health). He is either studying at RMIT uni or Monash, his aunt's number +61393704272 Melbourne. Its fair, let them feel what the rest of the population feels back home. WHAT IS WRONG WITH STUDYING IN ZIMBABWE?
Posted By Agnes , Melbourne : Sep 16 2007 01:28 PM
Ingo Zvaoma
Ichokwadi here kuti uyu mwana wamurikutaura ndewa David Pari, zivayi kuti Choice akanga ane mwana wake asati aroworwa na David. Kana chiri chokwadi ingo zvaoma zvikuru saka Grace zano nderekuti wotonjija vana mazita zvisati zvaoma. Asi akavati Marufu tinovaziva chete.
Posted By Musafare Dofo , Norton, Zimbabwe : Sep 16 2007 08:29 PM
Shamu's wife definitely travels often to the US to see the kids. Uses the last name Tsomondo to avoid the travel ban.
Posted By tapfidza, dzokerai , london, UK : Sep 16 2007 08:50 PM
No fair deal
Tuvanhu tweMDC twukashaya point yekutaura twunongotukirira, nezvinonyadzisa mubepa rinoveregwa nevanhu vese. Ngonaiwo kutaura mhoindidzinonzikwa kwete kungotukirira. Maelection ari muna March 2008, saka taurai zvinoita kuti muvhotegwe nevanhu
Posted By Tembo , Leicester UK : Sep 17 2007 03:36 AM
Christine Taruvinga nee Masaraure
Christine Taruvinga nee Masaraure is one of those people who should be sent home. She used to work for ZBC as a news anchor up until 2002 and is now in UK, preaching a lot about ZANU PF. She is doing that in the wrong place. Ngaadzoke timire muline rechingwa tese. Her mum used to teach Mathematics at Mabelreign Girls High School and was very unpopular as she was rude. Christine Taruvinga nee Masaraure is in The UK with her whole family. Please inform us on any latest developments on this positive campaign. Aluta Continua
Posted By , : Sep 17 2007


Noting recent statements by the MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai to boycott the March slated poll, I have decided to write this article in order to set the record straight on the consequences of boycotting.
Although MDC Tsvangirai's arguments are quite understandable, it remains a fact that them boycotting the poll is unlikely to take away some legitimacy that Robert Mugabe will get if he wins it.  Although it would have been quite effective for the united MDC of pre-October 2005 to boycott the senate poll of that year, the system is much more different now.  The fact remains that the other faction reneged and participated in that poll.  That added some legitimacy to the Senate elections and the outside world could not say much against it even though the voter turnout was a paltry 19%.  Such electoral outcomes are supposed to be discarded under normal circumstances.  In some universities in South Africa, an SRC election is rendered legitimate if the voter turnout is 25% or more.  You would expect national elections to be run better.  However in the 2005 scenario, the government worked round the clock through their Herald newspaper, to make sure that the Ncube faction appeared stronger.  This was a de-facto campaign for Ncube's faction, in the hope that they would win the day as far as Senate elections were concerned, thereby forcing the MDC to participate resulting in Mugabe acquiring some legitimacy.  Ncube was unaware of this trap and it was not surprising when his faction was complaining of reduced media airtime soon after the Senate poll.  Surely, the government had done its part and there was no need to continue engaging the faction especially after the arrival of the NASA rocket scientist.
What is quite likely is that the Mutambara faction is going to participate anyhow whether Mbeki succeeds or not.  This means that even if Tsvangirai pulls out, Mutambara goes in with his MDC and will probably take some votes from Tsvangirai's registered voters.  The world will just say, look MDC is represented in the elections, Mugabe has won, and surely this should be legitimate.  This is what Mutambara is praying for; that Tsvangirai foolishly pulls out.  Boycott politics is much more irrelevant under those circumstances.  We also note that Mutambara and Tsvangirai are yet to lock horns in the volatile region of Matebeleland.  This has resulted in some instances where the Mutambara faction competes alone with Zanu-PF hence the claim that Matebeleland is their stronghold.  Tsvangirai can actually prove some support in this region by locking horns with Mutambara next year and proving his mettle.
The MDC should also know that boycotting the poll means job losses to some vibrant MP's.  Their role will be left to being mere Harvest House politicians with no platform to be heard.  Boycotts are effective when the opposition as a whole boycotts, resulting in the international community rendering the poll outcome irrelevant.  However, the reality is that the opposition now is riddled by divisions and thus unable to operate as a unit.  Tsvangirai's boycott will thus end up being a non-event resulting in his faction sliding into eternal extinction.  We heard Gabriel Chaibva quite clearly when he said they are prepared to match Mugabe bruise for bruise even if Tsvangirai boycotts.  This should sound a warning to Tsvangirai.  This might also mean that the Mutambara faction might gain headway in Harare and some towns, where they are very unpopular and unlikely to score a sizeable number with good competition.  The fact that they still use the name MDC is to their advantage and will mean they will court some MDC voters who are still confused with regards to the relationship between these two formations.
The MDC must also note that participating in these elections is not akin to committing suicide. There are many possibilities of the opposition fighting the government outside parliament even if it happens that Zanu-PF rigs.  Even if Mbeki fails in bringing a free and fair election and it so happens that Zanu-PF unlawfully wins, the MDC can mobilise supporters in diaspora, targeting embassies and parliaments with protests, demanding their right to vote.  I say diaspora because a protest is difficult to organise in Zimbabwe today considering what happened to Gift Tandare and colleagues who tried to stage some protests.  The majority is too scared to risk life in such a manner.  Diasporan protests however are quite effective if they all happen at the same time and correctly targeted.  It would be pointless to target some streets where politicians don't reside.  If today Zimbabweans demand their right to vote at Botswana, South Africa, UK, Australia, America, Zambia and New Zealand parliaments and claim that elections were rigged and that they were unfairly left out, the international community will feel the heat to be involved and take away some legitimacy from the poll.
This is what happened in the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia elections in 1979 which were won by Muzorewa.  The boycott was effective because both ZANU and ZAPU and their people boycotted and continued with the war.  The international community saw that the outcome could not bring peace and thus took away some legitimacy from Muzorewa.  This made Lord Carrington, Margaret Thatcher and their team to think again and organise something to bring peace and end to the war.  The situation could have been different had either of the two formations participated.  This is the same predicament the MDC faces and swift decisions are required to be made.
The ball is surely in the MDC court for them to make a decision that will suit their supporters.  MDC is advised to continue with their campaign launch and not wait till February like what they did in 2005 resulting in Zanu-PF gaining headway in rural Matebeleland added by the unwillingness of Ncube and Sibanda to campaign outside their constituencies so as to isolate Tsvangirai who did most of the campaign work criss-crossing the country, this meant to increase the heat on him ahead of the slated February 2006 congress.  After announcing plans to boycott polls in August 2004, this is what Nathaniel Manheru had to say during that period, "Call it boy-caught, boy-court or whatever, the MDC's decision to boycott is akin to a man who retreats from life to a baby-coat."